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Diving Sites
Search for diving sites around the world.
Site details
Discover the site details, minimum and maximum depths and other diving information.
Site observations
Register to each site to see recent observations made by other users, like water temperatures, visibities, recent images, etc.
Get the actual weather and forecast for the dive site.
Diving Plans
Select the site where you want to dive and plan all the details of your dive.
Rec/Tec diving
The dive planner will calculate your plan for ANY kind of dive.
Decompression is calculated using VPM-B algorithm. Cooming soon also Buhlmann for Open Circuit and CCR configurations.
Gas Planning
Get the estimated gas consumption for Open Circuit, pSCR and CCR configurations.
Tanks estimation
Get an estimation of the tanks required for the dive and update your plan according to your preferred configuration.
Invite your team
Invite your dive buddies to your plan. They will receive the details of your plan and they will be able to chnge it according to their preference.
Team planning
All the team will be able to compare the different plans and decide what to do during the dive.
Chat with your team-mates and organise the details of the dive.
Diving centers
Cooming soon! Share your plan with your diving center or find the diving center most suitable for your plan!
Log Book
Dive your plan
Go diving! Your plan will become your dive your log book.
Update gas
Update the gas consumptions for each tank and record your diving statistics.
Add your observations
Insert in your log book and share (anonymously) with the world your biological and physical observations (visibility, temperature, etc). This will help you and all the other users to get the site's statistics and the scientific community to study our waters.
Upload your images and share them with your team or all the other users. For each image you can also tag its biological information (fishes, etc.).

...and much more!

Many other features to come!

Buddy finder

Share your certifications if you want to find new buddies for your dives!

Encyclopedia of Life

Find the species you see during your dives through the amazing service of You can use scientific name or common name for all species and receive all the related information.

Deco Planner

Create your decompression profiles using VPM-B or Buhlmann (cooming soon) alghoritms

Gas Blender

Make your own mixes with the gas blender. Uses real gases law and gives all information necessary for the perfect mix!

pSCR Oxygen drop

Calculate the O2 drop for your pSCR dives.

Coming soon!
  • Dive center management, marketing and organising tool.
  • Class planning tool for instructors.
  • Project planning tool for groups or scientific organisations.
  • ...and much more!
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