Import Dive Computer profiles

Import Dive Computer profiles

Now you can import your dive computer profiles into your log book with a single email!

  1. Create your dive plan as usual
  2. Get the file of the dive profile from your dive computer. i.e. for SeaBear computers:
    1. connect the SeaBear to your PC/Mac or to your mobile device using a WiFi USB Reader (like Kingston mobileLite)
    2. search the last file with your dive profile inside the flash memory (i.e. 0020SBDT.CSV file)
    3. send this file via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. DivePlanApp server will recognise your user from the email (IMPORTANT: use your Facebook registered email to send the profile, or the server will not recognise you!) and will search for the appropriate Dive Plan inside your app
  4. The profile is now visible inside your app in the Dive Log section for your review

profile received

In case the server will not be able to find any dive plan to associate with your profile, then you will find it inside the "Upload Review" section of the app and you will be able to associate it to another dive plan or dive log.

Using the dive planner, now you can compare the planned profile with your actual profile and follow the pO2 of the different sensor of your rebreather.

dive profile


The temperature profile will also be exported in the observations of the dive:

temp profile


Available computers:

  1. SEABEAR computers (send .csv file from inside the computer)
  2. SHEARWATER computer (send the .xml file exported from the desktop software)
  3. OTHER COMPUTERS: check the list here for Mac-Dive or here for SubSurface softwares
  4. SubSurface dive log exported files (send the SubSurface .xml file exported from the desktop software)
  5. exported profiles (send the .xml file exported from the desktop software)
  6. others to come soon! If you have any software that you currently use and would like to import your dives, just send us a sample file (possibly .csv or .xml) and we will study how to insert it in the list.
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