The Multi-platform Dive Planner

Plan your Dives on any device ... in the cloud!

On your PC, Mac, Linux, Android/iOS device or tablet!

  1. Plan
  2. Profile
  3. Tables
  4. Download
  5. Gas
  6. Charts
Plan your dive
Insert multi-level dive profile with Open Circuit, pSCR Semi-closed Rebreathers or CCR Rebreathers
Select gases
Use the magic wand to auto-select standard deco gases or add your own
Check your dive profile
Check different deco profiles with Buhlmann or VPM
Check dive tables
Check how your dive profile can change according to a pre-defined variation in depth or bottom time
Download an open Spreadsheet table to study your dive profiles 
Check your planned gas consumption for Open Circuit or Rebreathers (including Bailout calculations)
Study all decompression profiles and saturation/desaturation charts